Introducing Paspor TEAM.

We are Paspor Travel, Paspor Explore, Paspor Agency and Paspor Moments.

Establish in 2014, currently our Head Office based in Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. In the future coming years more branches will be settled.

Our main business covers everything that requires travelling. Air tickets, individual tours, group tours, low budget tours, luxurious tours, customized tours, adventure trips, semi backpacking trips, meeting trips, educational trips, education consultation, occasional outdoor photography.

We deliver our services to meet the customer expectations based from experience in leading, guiding, and handling people from various different backgrounds for more than ten years. Each one of our team members works as reliable, as passionate and as professional as possible. We provide various destinations, domestic Indonesia and international cities worldwide.

We believe travelling is more than leisure time, it’s a lifetime experience, it’s a part of learning process, it’s a pleasant way to discover our true self, all happen when we immerse ourselves into diversity, release, absorb more colors through the richness in the ways of life of the people we meet along the journey. Let us brings you there, to the higher level of understanding and appreciation, realizing that each of us live side by side, sharing, and part of one world.



We are Paspor TEAM, your personal Travel Consultant.

We provide warm hospitality services into 4 divisions : Travel, Explore, Agency and Moments.


Paspor Travel is a tour and travel agency. Join our various open group tours or simply create your own vacation with your own pace and your own budget worldwide.


Paspor Explore is a travel agency for the youngsters. Affordable offers for students and fresh graduates with semi backpacking concept. Be prepared for a lifetime adventure or simply just a getaway from daily routines.


Paspor Agency is an education consultant for high school or undergraduate students. Assisting the most suitable path for next educational ladders overseas. Widening your horizons, peek some preview by visiting educational institutes, taste the surrounding atmosphere before you and your parents finally decide. Let us manage the best places for your future reference.


Paspor Moments is a photographer & videographer services. Captures unforgettable holidays, prewedding, honeymoons, parties and celebrations. Let our team enhance your precious moments through cameras.






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